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Potato producers and trader based in Champagne (France)


The Champ'Pom Export adventure began almost 10 years ago.

Our own production covers 20% of all our sales (40 000T / year), and the remaining 80% are covered by French partner producers all based in the northern half of France.

We work with all varieties and all types of potatoes. Most of our expeditions are made in BigBags but we are able to work in any type of packaging (bulk, bigbags, 25KG, 15KG, 10KG, etc.), with or without brand. We also make onions.


We are based in Champagne, in the heart of one of the largest French regions of Potato production


At the same time producers and trader, from the plantation to the expedition, our profession: the Potato


We export all over Europe and in the Arabian peninsula

Busin’Est est le magazine économique du Grand Est. Pour le mois de Mai, CHAMP’POM parle entre autre du diagnostic Ferme du Futur dont l’exploitation a été la première à bénéficier. Ce diagnostic a permis de dégager des pistes d’améliorations de la performance globale de l’exploitation.


In order to best meet your expectations, we work with all types and varieties of potatoes:

  • White, yellow or red skin (Agata, Marabel, Mozart, etc.)
  • Salad potatoes (Charlotte, Franceline) 
  • Industry or fries (Agria, Fontane, Markies)

We are also able to ship washed product


According to your requests and your needs, we are able to offer you a wide range of packaging for your loads :

  • BULK
  • BigBags
  • Bags 25,15,10, 5kg

Upon request, we can pack with our brand : La French

Global G.A.P.

Most of our products are Global G.A.P. certified.

    It is a repository of standards of traceability and food safety based on Good Agricultural Practices, recognized and applicable worldwide.
    The aim is to guarantee the maximum safety of the food products offered by the distributors.

Our latest



Even though the potato season is not over yet, it's time to get ready for the new crop! The DELAITRE group started the potato planting at the end of March and it will last until May. We hope for optimal conditions throughout the culture!


Come meet us

Many thanks to all for coming to see us at Fruit Logistica Berlin. These shows are essential meetings, so we reiterate the experience at the Fruit Attraction of Madrid from 22 to 24 October 2019. Visit us!

Seeds selling

At Champ'Pom, we also offer our producers the supply of seeds from a wide range of varieties. This allows us to support our producers from one end to the other in their potato production. We have developed partnerships with the largest breeders and distribution companies in France (Desmazières, HZPC, Maison Debarge, Meijer Plants, STET, etc.)

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